Monday, October 13, 2008


Why has no one invented an self emptying/loading dishwasher?

Why is there a direct correlation between the mess in the house and the length of time I get to sleep in?

Why haven't toy makers invented a quiet remote controlled toy car?

Why is it immoral to cut the vocal chords of yappy dogs?

Why has the toddler in my house decided the potty is not her friend?

Why do the dogs and toddler in my house have to have a 'who can pee on the most carpet today?' contest?

Why is it raining when there are so many children and animals in this house?

Why do people write really sad books that draw me in so I have to keep reading them but make me more and more depressed with each turn of a page?

Why did my toddler just come up to me, smile, scream, then run away?

Why do I shop at Stupidstore?
Why does Blogger keep messing up the spacing on my little blog?
Why do I keep repeating "Why me?" today?

Did I miss any?

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