Thursday, October 2, 2008

Brain Farts

I've been having a lot of these lately.

I went to buy coffee beans two days ago. I remember being in the store and looking at the shelf for the type we buy. The word "Yukon" was going through my mind. I was picturing the cute little sticker on the front of the packaging. I was looking for Yukon coffee. I couldn't find it. The clerk helped me, I thanked her. I paid for it. I left.

So yesterday morning I got the coffee beans out of the cupboard and I looked at the package and said...well, never mind what I said. The point is I was standing there holding a package of Kenya coffee beans.

Second case in point.

I was on the phone with our extended health company. The polite lady on the other end of the line asked me for my date of birth. I told her the 14th. I was born on the 17th. None of my children were born on the 14th, nor was the Husband. None of my siblings or parents were either. As soon as I said it, I thought...well, never mind what I thought. The point is I knew it was wrong as soon as I said it, but I had absolutely no idea where the number had come from or why I had said it.

As I head into my 40s, things are falling. Places are wrinkling. Areas are creaking. And now my brain seems to be wanting to get in on some of the action. It's just so amusing.

Please tell me your brain is farting too.....I'm needing some serious support here.

And don't you find that the Kenyan coffee leaves a bit of a bitter taste in your mouth?

*** update on this fabulous blog's contest!!!***

The owner of this glorious blog has kindly agreed to bake up some lovely autumn pumpkin scones, in honour of Thanksgiving Day just around the corner. SOOOOO, there will be a CHOICE for the winner!!! Pumpkin scones or some BEAUTIFUL honey smelling tea candles.

So get those comments in by Sunday, October 5th. You might be the lucky winner of a dozen pumpkin scones. Or some candles. Your choice. But you have to comment. That's the deal.


Anonymous said...

I love that your brain associated the completely OPPOSITE type of coffee from the one you had. Coffee from a hot, dry, land. Obviously I need to associate that with a cold, wet place on the opposite hemisphere on a different continent.

I am also loving the daily blogging.

But back to the subject at hand: I do not have brain farts! That's disgusting! Unless of course you count the following:

1) Handing the Chapters salesclerk my Shoppers Drug Mart loyalty card

2) Getting the laundry re-booted only to discover I did not actually turn ON the washing machine

3) Separating my house keys from my car keys at the mechanic's and then leaving both sets sitting on the counter

4) Sorting the laundry and leaving the daughter's clothes in the sons' room.

5) Getting a call at 11:20 from Surrey, wondering where I am for the 11 am meeting that I SCHEDULED, while I am sitting at my desk IN VANCOUVER.

The most worrisome is when I start mangling my sentences. I can't think of an example, because of course I HAVE NO MEMORY, but they go something like this...

We have to get the pool to the kids.

or I try to respond to a simple question like: Where is the sock sorting bin?

"It's by, well, kind of under that...(Pause), you know hole in the wall where we keep things...CLOSET! (very proud of myself for remembering that noun) in the, out by the boy's room. Or did the G-man leave it behind that thing by, in the living room?...I don't know!"

I think it would be easier if I didn't realize I was losing my mind.

sjb said...

The short answer is definitely yes. I have in the last 6 months learned to stop being so absolutely certain about the capacity of my memory. It used to be very much like the proverbial steel trap.

"I don't remember you telling me that. But that doesn't seem to mean much anymore..." now rolls off my tongue about once a week.

Strangely, this slightly more hazy world is kind of comforting.

colleen4 said...

@ tentativeequinox....I've done the key thing too, except left the wrong set with the mechanic. Apparently, they won't work on your car that you leave with them all day if they can't move it into the work bay area. They're flipping they don't know how to hotwire a car.

@ sjb....I am stealing your line. I love it! Except, of course, when accusing my husband of not telling me something.

Heather said...

Count your lucky stars! I don't have brain farts - I have brain diarrhea!

colleen4 said...

You mean to tell me that it's just going to get worse??

Thanks Mom.