Saturday, October 4, 2008

DIE Tooth fairy DIE!

Ya, that was my reaction too.

My heart was racing pretty fast as well, when our 6 year old little princess handed me a letter she had written, threatening death (repeatedly) to the tooth fairy.

The Princess lost a tooth yesterday, and against her mother's sage advice, left it sitting on the table in the living room. I think I vacuumed it up. Being the loving mother I am, I assuring my worried child that the tooth fairy was very small and she'd be able to fly right up there into the vacuum. No need for a tooth under your pillow. Just write the little fairy a note to explain where she could find it.

* sidebar - this is the third note the Princess has written to the tooth fairy about 'lost a tooth, but maybe you can find it....' story. She's only had five teeth fall out. Not even batting 500 at getting them under her pillow. And I still feel funny about the note the tooth fairy left the Princess about 'finding' her tooth under the buffet in the dining room when I know full well the kid swallowed it while eating a cob of corn.*

The Princess went off to write a note. And came back with a paper full of death threats.

Phonics is a tricky skill for the Princess. She has a bit of a lisp. She's working hard at school and is very excited that she can produce long pages of 'words'. But it's kind of like reading hieroglyphics. You have to piece it together bits here and there before you can make sense of what she's written.

On closer look I could see the words 'happy', 'love' and a lot of 'Die Tooth Fie".

Yes. Translation - Dear Tooth Fairy. I could breathe again. My child was not a sociopath.

And I quote:

"Die Tooth Fie can you fied my tooth it is diwd seis net the cwotr I cht their but I dided fid it I wondr if you ken fud my tooth if you fid my tooth I wil be vee happy and if im vee hppy and you fidmy tooth and I wil kebmy tooth and I wil defy keb the mune Die tooth Fie cn you fiud my tooth it is dunsdes I love the tooth fie Die tooth fie I lik you Die tooth Fie it is 6:53."


"Dear Tooth Fairy. Can you find my tooth? It is down stairs next to the computer. I checked there but I didn't find it. I wonder if you can find my tooth? If you find my tooth I will be very happy and if I'm very happy and find my tooth and I will keep my tooth and I will definitely keep the money. Dear Tooth Fairy, can you find my tooth? It is downstairs. I love the Tooth Fairy. Dear Tooth Fairy. I like you. Dear Tooth Fairy it is 6:53."

She writes like me. A lot of run on sentences and could use an editor.


Mel said...

lol, Well if you ever do find the tooth make sure you put it away where it can not be found. My daughter found a tooth that I thought was well hidden several months later. It had to be put under the pillow again. Costing the tooth fairy twice.

colleen4 said...

Too funny!! They never explain this stuff in parenting books.