Thursday, October 9, 2008

Top 10 Things I Never Thought I Would Say

10. "Get your pancake off the window."

9. "Don’t stick your finger there." (dog’s, um, posterior…)

8. "Get your fingers (note the plural) out of your nose." To be closely followed by, "Don’t feed your snot to the dog!" To be closely followed by, "AHHH!! DON'T LICK YOUR FINGERS!!"

7. "You’re going to electrocute yourself!" (I’m pretty sure this one is contrary to my Early Childhood Educational training. In ECE lingo, I think I should have phrased it, “Electrical sockets are for plugging in lights and vacuums, not forks.”)

6. "I am NOT going to let you grow up to be a juvenile delinquent!"

5. "If you ask me one more time, you're going to have to send me to the funny farm."

4. "Never mind what a funny farm is."

3. "If you don't get back in your bed, you are NOT going to school tomorrow!"

2. "Don't tell your father."

....and the #1 thing I never thought I would say is......

1. "Oh my Gosh! High School Musical 3 comes out soon! We totally have to go see that!"

The #1 thing I never thought I'd hear the Husband say?

After the 2 year old head butted him in the mouth...

"OWWW!! That hurt! GO LIE DOWN!" (He's told the dog to go lie down once or twice in his life, but it was a first for the two year old.)

Be brave. Add to my list. I know you've got some.....

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Anonymous said...

This isn't something I said I SWEAR! But something that Lloyd heard back in his bachelor days of living in a basement suite.

Heard from the upstairs family...

"Get your foot out of your sister's mouth!"