Friday, October 3, 2008

My Husband

Let me start off this post by stating that I love my husband.

After 19 years of marriage, he still brings me flowers, he is my best confidante, he helps load the dishwasher at the end of a long day. And he brings home rum without being asked.

He works hard to feed and clothe all our children, answers work emails at 11 pm (I do NOT love his Blackberry), and basically is just an all around great guy.

But he doesn't know the first thing about hair products.

Now, in his defence (I love you dear), I had quite a few shampoo and conditioner bottles in the shower. In MY defence, it was totally not my fault (first rule of marriage. It's never her fault). The eldest daughter had 'borrowed' my shampoo and conditioner..... left them in her bathroom....I was forced to use the new bottles from under the sink because I didn't discover them missing until I was in the shower....then I found the bottles that we took camping under a seat in the minivan and somehow they got put it the shower. Ok...there were 7 green bottles of shampoo and conditioner in there. The shower isn't that big. I kept meaning to deal with it but I've been busy doing stuff. Lots of stuff.

Anyway, my loving husband decided to take care of things. He told me that he had poured all the shampoos and conditioners into two bottles. He wasn't kidding.

When I went to wash my hair this morning I poured conditioner into my hand. From the shampoo bottle. There's conditioner in the conditioner bottle, too, so I can only assume that there's shampoo in one of the bottles, somewhere.

My hair is in a ponytail today.

Just wait till he brushes his teeth tonight.


K. Arneson said...

Yes, hence what happens when one does not take the time to READ the label – instead ending up much like your dear husband. We too had a variety of bottles floating around the shower. After a long days work, Craig (my husband) wanted nothing more than a long hot shower. When he exited the bathroom after his shower, he was ecstatic at the new bottle of shampoo that he found and had tried in the stall. He was saying how it smelled luxurious and did wonders for his hair. Silky smooth if you will.

For a moment I paused….. Then made a mental note to myself:
**Remove Bailee's dog shampoo from shower stall before husband gets home**

At least there will NEVER be fleas in my home…. Whew…one less worry.

colleen4 said...

HAHAHAHEEEEHEEE!!! Did you tell him? That cracks me up!

Silky smooth.....hehehe....

Heath said...

I'll have you all know I DID read the I blame it totally on our daughter!!
(of course it was early in the morning and I didn't have my glasses on - but I still stick to my story)