Saturday, January 10, 2009


I sat in front of the computer this morning, a cup of coffee in my hand, and my Google reader told me I had 25 unread blog entries.

I looked over the long list and read my favourites first. Then I found myself clicking on some of the links and just marking them as read even though I hadn't really read them.

I'm lying to my Google reader. Is that a sin?

I think it's time for a bit of weeding.

I've started growing disenchanted with some of the blogs I've been reading. The perfectness of their lives is getting on my nerves. Perfect Moms with perfect children. Perfect photography moments and perfect husbands. Perfect meals that they have made from scratch and the pictures to prove it.

I posted my recipe for pumpkin scones once. I tried to take pictures but discovered that the two year old had dropped the camera one too many times and I figured posting pictures of squiggly lines the colour of pumpkin scones wasn't going to add to the whole experience.

So, just like I cleaned the drawer under my oven the day after Christmas (did I mention there was turkey dripping in there? No? Hmmm....must have slipped my mind), I am going to clean my Google reader.

Some (and this is by no means a complete list) will definitely stay.

Confessions of a CF Husband is a blog I've been reading for just over a year now. Miracle upon miracle.

The Dilbert Blog is always a good read. His brain goes to some strange places.

Cake Wrecks is a guaranteed laugh. The cakes are hilarious. Her commentaries are hysterical.

Big Mama is always good for a giggle. And she doesn't make me feel like a pathetic parent.

ProBlogger has some great blogging tips, even for someone like me who doesn't blog to make money. Bonus: It's written with an Australian accent. Well....not's not like he goes around spelling out g'day mate, or anything. But he IS from Australia so you can use your imagination, eh.

Tentative Equinox and Spike is Best are close to my heart. I always read them first.

Bring the Rain is a recommended read for someone who has about 5 hours to start at the beginning. She is an amazing writer who tells her story with such grace and love you cannot read it without wanting to fall to your knees and beg God for just a smidge of her faith. I love her honesty.

And the blogs I'm culling? I'm not that mean to publicly delist them. I'm just at the point where I need to stop feeling like I'm in high school again. I'm turning 40 this year, for crying out loud! It's time to stop comparing my muddle of a life with 'perfect' people. I know they don't exist, but they seem to on their blogs and it's getting to me.

So. How am I going to declutter? Blogs that share the good and the bad stay. Blogs that only share the perfect? I need to take a break from perfect.

And I'd love to hear from you. What blogs have you discovered that you cannot wait for Google reader to tell you they have a new entry?


Paul Stilwell said...

Google reader? What's that?

colleen4 said...

Keeps track of all the blogs and websites that you regularly read. You add subscriptions and when you log into you 'reader', it tells you which sites have new entries.

Or are you joshing me? know I don't have much patience for joshing....being a serious Canadian and all, eh.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I can't wait to share (and you'll just have to copy and past b/c I cannot (will not) figure out that html code.)

She writes every day and has such a way with words. Dee-light-ful

Because her stories about Jensen make me feel better about Griffin.

She's just too funny not to read.

colleen4 said...

Thanks T.E. Great finds. Although I find myself getting jealous of all these great blog names. Some people are quite brilliant.

That would not be me.