Monday, January 12, 2009

The New Look of Motherhood

The Baby and I went to the open gym today. She's been alive for 2 1/2 years and I've never taken her there.

There are two reasons for this.

#1 - She's my fourth child.

#2 - We always go for walks to the variety of playgrounds in our area, plus play in the schoolyard when we pick up the Princess.

Wait. There's a third reason. I'm pretty cheap.

But all this snow and rain and slush and ice drove me to it. I took the Baby to the Loonie Drop In Gym Time at our local rec centre. Ok, they don't actually call it the Loonie Drop In Gym Time, but it does cost one dollar. And Loonie is what we call our dollar coin up here in the Great White North, and, well, how fun would it be to go ask someone to direct you to the 'Loonie Drop In'?

As I was saying, the Baby and I went to the gym. And I aged 17 years as I walked through the doors.

Excuse me....but where were all the Mommys? I saw a lot of young ladies all lined up along the edges of the gym who were busy texting other people There was a caregiver who had her entire daycare there and was most certainly having a hard time supervising all of them. There were several sets of grandparents having a grand time with their grandchildren. And then I saw someone my age.

Yes! I thought. And look! She's holding a newborn. sweet.

And then she handed the newborn back to her daughter. She was another grandma.

The Baby had a great time.

Me? I'm bringing my cane next time so I can hang out with the old folks.

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