Saturday, January 10, 2009

Grad Dress Shopping 101

Go shopping.

Bring your youngest sister, who is 2 1/2 years older than your daughter.

Watch your daughter try on umpteen dresses.

Find the perfect dress.

Cry at the sight of your first born daughter dressed in pink tulle and satin, with a look on her face that tells you, "This is the one".

Take pictures of the dress so she can put it on Facebook the moment she gets home.

Take out your Visa card.

Pay for the dress.

Get assurances that the dress you have ordered will arrive before June.

Shake head that the size 0 dress you have just ordered may need to be taken in. And you will have to pay for that, too.

Drive home, discussing accessories, shoes and hair styles all the way.

Arrive home.

Blather on to the Husband about the perfect dress.

Squirm around the question, "How much was it?"

Eventually answer, "Well, it wasn't as much as some of the other ones she tried on. And this one is so perfect. It suits her perfectly. Should we order pizza for dinner?"

Show the Husband the picture of 'The Dress' on your cellphone, your daughter's cellphone and your sister's camera.

Pick up the Husband's eyes off the floor after he looks at the strapless dress his baby girl will be wearing.

Wish Time could slow down a little bit.

Just for a while.

Let you catch your breath.

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