Sunday, January 11, 2009

'THE' Dress

The one in the middle is THE dress.

The picture was taken with my camera phone, so the quality isn't great, and I was standing outside in the rain trying to keep my phone from getting rained on, but, you get the idea.

The Husband is suggesting a large wrap.

The Boyfriend loves it and is going to colour coordinate his attire. I'm hoping that means a pink tie and not a pink tux.

The Eldest is still in love with the dress, which is good considering there's a 20% 'restocking' fee if she changes her mind. I didn't bother asking how you 'restock' a dress that has yet to be made.

Me? I'm still in denial that my baby is finishing high school in June.

And I still love the dress, too.


~liz said...

hello! i'm new to your blog...and i love it already! :) this dress is so dreamy, i'd love to wear it myself. i'm a mom to three boys, so pink isn't very popular around here. except in my wardrobe!
and that scone recipe? i'm trying it out this minute. i love scones and those pictures make them look amazing! thanks for sharing the recipe!

colleen4 said...

3 boys! of my oldest and dearest girlfriends has three boys and when she visits she always comments, "It's so quiet in here. We couldn't be just sitting and drinking tea like this at my house!"