Monday, January 5, 2009

Things You Can Do While on Hold for the Next Representative

"All our representatives are currently serving other customers. If you will please hold the line, a representative will be with you shortly. Thank you for your patience."

Sometimes when on hold with a company, oh, let's say, Gateway, for example, a person has to wait their turn. Even when it's your turn, they might, I mean, perhaps, put you back on hold to speak with level two. It could happen. Level one may not have any record of a shipping order being placed for a shiny new video card. It could happen. Maybe.

So what's a person to do while they're on hold? Perplexing question, I agree.

So let's make a little list, shall we?

  • eat a sandwich

  • put clothes into the dryer

  • start a new load of laundry

  • check your google reader

  • write a comment on someone's blog

  • switch phone to other ear

  • read a new blog

  • decide not to subscribe to new blog....way too perfect

  • look out window at the messy snow

  • watch a guy shovel his stuck car out of the snow - repeatedly

  • say a prayer that the guy doesn't hit the corner of your house while trying to get his car unstuck

  • switch phone to other ear

  • fold some laundry

  • clean stuff off of stairs

  • put batteries that are strewn across counter into the battery charger

  • tell the Boy to feed the dog

  • take the Baby to the potty

  • take toy out of dog's mouth

  • switch phone to other ear

  • check email

  • check time

  • sigh

  • clean assorted toys off of couches

  • fix couch cushions

  • spellcheck 'cushions' and realize the classical music you've been listening to is not making you smarter

  • put coffee table back to its intended position

  • fold some more laundry

  • put the kettle on for tea

  • sneak a peak and smell of pot roast cooking....mmmmmm.

  • make tea

  • empty the dishwasher

  • switch phone to other ear

  • drink tea

And in the blink of an eye, 59 minutes later, you will speak with a Gateway representative, only to be put on hold for another 10 minutes. And he'll come back on the line and tell you the part is still on back order and isn't scheduled to arrive until January 30, so that crick in you neck will be for naught. But you shouldn't worry because they upgraded your shipping, so once they get the part, and test it, and yadayadayada, you'll get it real quick.

My house is looking fairly tidy.


Gina said...

Funny cause it's true. I usually put speaker phone on to avoid the neck pain. Doesn't make me any less frustrated though.

colleen4 said...

Yes...I was certainly wishing the speaker phone worked on our phone. I've had lots of practice being on hold with Gateway, though. I'm getting used to it.

Gina said...

Well, they still tease you with clicks and odd noises so you run to the phone, thinking you are going to get someone to be sorely disappointed again and again. I think all of my doctors are competing to see who can keep me on hold the longest. And who can have the most annoying on-hold music.