Thursday, June 26, 2008


I was informed by my 6 year old daughter that a boy in her class told her she was "hot".

Screeeeeeech.....(insert sound of needle scratching across a record)....


My brilliant comment after the old brain fired up again?

"Perhaps he meant that you were hot as in the weather was making you warm."

Eilidh's reply? (insert eye roll) "NO, mom (insert shaking head as if birthed by a moron). He meant I'm beautiful."

Have I mentioned she's six? Why does my six year know what being 'hot' means and why the heck is a six year old boy calling her that?

So my next brilliant bit of mothering was to ask Eilidh what she did after he told her his opinion of her outer beauty.

"I told Kailin," (her best friend).

I'm thinking a girls only boarding school will be the only way I'll survive her teenage years.

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