Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I met up with two of my oldest friends last night. Oldest as in I've been friends with them since I was in grade 1, not as in they're octogenarians.

There's something about old friends that feels like putting on your most favourite comfy jeans and a fuzzy sweatshirt. They just feel right.

We rarely see each other. Sometimes we go for years without meeting face to face. But we pick up where we left off, listening to each other's lauds and laments. None of us can remember details of each other's lives because we've all had children and hence have lost much of our short term memory, but we cover that in the first 10 minutes (How old is....? What grade...? How long....?).

Then we move on to life. The kind of stuff that stays between friends. Not gossip. Real life stuff. And then you realize that two hours has gone by. You hug and say goodbye, and mentally add more items to your prayer list. Life is full of ups and downs and lots of detours along the way.

My husband was away with friends this weekend, long time friends that he doesn't see everyday. Two days away. Lots more than 2 hours. And I think those men discussed how many pumpkin scones they each got to eat. When he got back, he did not know if so and so was still seeing the long distance girlfriend, how work was going for so and so, how so and so was dealing with......you get the idea. But he did mention what types of beer they all drank.

I'm beginning to think that men and women are wired differently.

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