Friday, June 20, 2008

Shopping Day

I went shopping at Stupidstore today. (Shudder.)

I was accompanied by four children. ("No, I'm not buying that. Stop asking me. No, that's full of sugar. No, that's too much. Just one. Maybe next time. Put that back. Yes, we're almost done. Keeley, come back here.")

I purchased no less than 5 birthday gifts. ("Kaitlyn, go find something for Cameron...make sure it's noisy. Patrick, what did you say Josh wanted? Eilidh, does Hannah like Polly Pockets? Would Griffin like this? Patrick, would Eric just like cash? Keeley....come back here.")

I waited in line for 15 minutes with a 2 year old on a chocolate chip cookie high. (And the messy face and hands to match.)

I threatened a 6 year old in the parking lot with the possibility of never going to a water park for the rest of her natural life if she asked me about it one more time. (Hey, water parks can be a cesspool of germs anyways.)

Oh, and I purchased a box of Nice 'n Easy shade 103B, with color blend technology and long-lasting 100% grey coverage. (No further explanation needed.)


Anonymous said...

This is why Lloyd does the grocery shopping, because I will have an aneurysm if I am in that store for more than 15 minutes. Of course that means more white flour in the house than I would prefer...but frankly, it's worth the trade-off.

And yes, I will serve ripple chips with dill pickle dip. Maybe I better get doubles.

colleen4 said...

Hee hee....I'm so glad you caught my subtle hint....hehe.