Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I have a nephew. His name is Calvin. He rocks.

Top Ten Reasons Why Calvin is Da Bomb.

10. He can make his hair grow straight up, defying all laws of gravity.

9. He could beat me at chess when he was 5.

8. He shares a room with his kid brother....and his kid brother is still alive.

7. He can get about 12 feet of air when on the trampoline.

6. He likes to grow things in the garden and not under his bed.

5. In the future, I will be able to phone Calvin and ask him to come save my houseplants.

4. Freckles? Girls love freckles....

3. He has the largest Webkin collection in Western Canada.

2. He's an AWESOME big cousin who's always looking out for his little cousins. They love him.

...and the number 1 reason that Calvin is da bomb is.....

he's my first nephew!!


Anonymous said...

Calvin is an enthusiastic learner who still shoots his hand up to say "I know! I know!"

He gets grand ideas and gets to work making them real (read: nags mom) like his home newspaper, garden, space ship paper plates, the list goes on.

He can create amazing things with Lego. He will one day give his Grandad the engineer he always wanted.

He embodies the Calvin way of looking at the world.

Liz said...

He had a girlfriend at one point, right?... Before I've even had a boyfriend.

He's a genius at chess and gardens...what girl wouldn't like a guy who is a wizz at chess and enjoys gardening?!?

I guess he's a chick magnet, but in a cute and awesome way...he's such a cool kid!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if he's had a girlfriend. But (I think it was Grade 1) he told me he was going to marry Tessa because he liked her hair AND her shoes.