Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Spell Check

As I've admitted in previous posts, I'm pretty computer illiterate. But even I know about a little thing called "spell check".

I have seen the word 'receive' spelled 'recieve' no less than 3 times in the past thirty minutes. Do schools not teach the cute little 'I before E except after C rule' anymore?

I, for one, am so relieved (yes, i before e in this instance) to read that the most important thing happening in our schools right now is to get rid of all the junk food. Let's not dwell on the fact that my 'A' student son asked me yesterday which province was farther away - Ontario or Quebec. Having aspartame laced yogurt and water and diet coke in their vending machines is going to make everything better.

Perhaps the politicians could pass another law. That all products contained in any school vending machine must not only be 'healthy' but educational as well. I can see it now. Patrick puts his loonie into the machine and out pops a diet Coke. As he goes to twist off the cap, he notices some way cool radical writing on the bottle. He looks with interest and reads, "British Columbia is the most Western Province in Canada." Accompanying this fascinating fact is a brightly coloured map, which Patrick would ponder and then state, "Well, look at that. Ontario IS closer to BC than Quebec."

These little snippets of education could include:
  • The difference between your and you're.
  • The name of the Prime Minister of Canada.
  • How to pronounce Nunavut.
  • And of course the I before E rule.

I'm brilliant.


Anonymous said...

In my kids' planners this year they had "Fun Canada Facts" including this little tidbit:

KD stands for Kraft Dinner and is sometimes known as "Mac-and-Cheese" a favourite Canadian dish.

I'm paraphrasing.

I hope that's on the provincial exams. OH! Better yet, one of those Canadian Heritage commercials.

I guess it'll be axed in next year's planners where all references to junk food will also have to be accompanied by warning slogans such as "Food colouring, BAD" or "If you were fed this food in the last month, please report your parent and/or guardian at the following hotline. Operators are standing by."

colleen4 said...

I'm in some serious trouble if mac and cheese is declared a junk food. My kids will have that 1-800number memorized.