Monday, June 9, 2008


Keeley's officially 2. The cake, the kids, the chaos. It was a great day.

Having our entire extended family over is wonderful. (Although it makes me long for a finished basement and deck.) We have a lot of family. And that makes for a perfect party for Keeley. She's the quintessential 4th child. Loves a crowd. The more the merrier, as long as she's in the middle of it. She was in her glory...balloons, family everywhere, a bowl of cheesies within her reach and a mom too busy to stop her from eating as many as she pleases.

The only problem with the day is that I was so busy doing 'stuff'' it was a bit of a blurr. But I'm a lucky lady. My brother Bill has a camera attached to each hip (I think he takes them off to shower). So my 2 year old's perfect day was completely chronicled with a picture diary courtesy of Bill (and to be fair, my sister Elizabeth stole his camera and took some pics too).

At one point, I was preparing food in the kitchen and looked over to see Bill taking a picture of the birthday cake. I thought, "Geez, that's a good idea." Oddly enough, I think I have 14 pictures of Kaitlyn's 2nd birthday cake that I personally took...but she's a first child. Things were different back then. And I found Bill gave me a funny look when I asked if he was able to take some pics of Keeley blowing out the birthday candles. He didn't say anything but I think he was thinking, "I've been taking documentation of all family events for the past, oh, 6 years. I think I have a pretty good understanding of the importance of taking a picture or two of a two year old spitting on her birthday cake." I could be wrong.

So...all in all, a great day, great pictures with speedy service (Bill uploaded the pics within 4 hours of leaving my house) and no invoice in the mail for photography services rendered.

I love family.

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