Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Job

I've been contemplating a job.

Not a job in my field of expertise (perhaps that's stretching field of "I know a lot about it" may be more apt?) A job that's 'just' a job. A job where you go to work, do what needs to be done and then you get to go home and not think about that job until your next shift. The kind of job that you figure out how much you just made working said job as you drive home. The type of job that doesn't send you emails between shifts, and involve worrying about children that are not your own. The kind of job that doesn't take over your family.

So I've come up with a few parameters for my search.

1. It has to be when either the husband or the oldest is home. There's no point in paying a babysitter for the youngest one if you're working for minimum wage.

2. It can't be when any child in the house has a scheduled activity to be driven to. Summer is fairly light, but during the school year, this eliminates Mondays (Sparks for Eilidh), Tuesdays (Irish Dance for Kaitlyn and Eilidh) and Wednesdays (Soccer for Patrick, Youth group for Kaitlyn) and Saturdays (Soccer for Patrick).

3. It cannot be when Kaitlyn needs to be driven to work and Heath is not home. She usually works Mondays, Thursdays and on the weekend.

4. The job has to be close by. With the price of gas, I'm not interested in driving to work just to pay for the gas to get there.

5. It can't be at dinner time. That's family time.

6. It cannot rely on Heath getting home from work at any specific time. Sometimes he needs to come home when work is done, not when the clock says so.

7. It has to be flexible to children waking up in the morning with fevers, unexplained rashes and projectile vomiting.

8. No brown uniforms.

So, when I work all the above into a grid, I think I'm looking at working Thursday and Sunday nights from midnight - 3 am, barring sick children and unknown skin issues.

Perhaps I had better start recycling those coffee filters.

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