Friday, February 6, 2009

An Uneventful Day Can Be a Beautiful Thing

I took the Baby to the Loonie Gym again.

We had a great time. Running, climbing, jumping, crawling and almost perfecting the balance beam that's 2 inches off the floor. The Baby, not me.

You would have been proud of me. I even ignored the bossy mother who felt it was her duty to reprimand the Baby when she cut in front of her child waiting to use the slide. Even though I was right there and was already taking the Baby's hand and pulling her out of line while simultaneously telling her she wasn't allowed to bud in line. And I won't even bother to mention that the mom then just let her child stand at the bottom of the slide so the Baby couldn't go down even though I was lovingly saying, "Wait, Baby, you can't go down until the girl moves away. You don't want to hurt her."

I can be a really great parent some days.

Then off to the local mall to purchase THREE birthday presents. The Princess has 2 birthday parties to attend this weekend, then one more next week. I usually take her along to choose the gift, but even with placing my usual $15 limit on a gift, I wasn't too thrilled with the thought of spending $50 on toys. I wanted to see if I could find some appropriate gifts that were cheaper. I knew the Princess wouldn't be a condusive addition in this endevor.

I hit the jackpot. I found some really neat craft kits on sale for $4.99! What 7 year old girl doesn't like a craft kit? I was thrilled that I was able to get three gifts for the price I usually spend on one.

Then the Baby fell asleep in her stroller. That NEVER happens. I was able to leisurely finish my shopping and stand in a long line to pay. But I didn't care. The Baby was asleep as opposed to her usual sampling of assorted chocolate bars so conveniently placed at a two year old's level.

And to top off the morning, the minivan didn't start overheating until I turned onto our street.

All in all, a lovely morning.

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