Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Picky Eater

I took the 40 pound bag of dog food over to my parents. They have a lovely golden retriever, who apparently is not as fussy as our 90 pound mutt. Their dog likes the food.

My mom walked into her kitchen this morning only to discover the massive bag of food sitting on her counter. When she questioned the reason for this, she was told that my youngest sister had put it up on the counter because their two cats wouldn't stop eating it right from the bag.

Apparently there is nothing wrong with the dog food.

My mom gave me a small bag of the dog food they feed their dog. Last night we fed it to our Dog, all mixed up with macaroni and cheese and ground beef.

That stupid (?) Dog licked all the macaroni and ground beef off of the dog food. There's not a drop of it in her food bowl. But all the dog food is still in there.

Does anyone know of a dog food that tastes like ground beef and cheese?

1 comment:

Liz said...

NOT how it went.

I only put the Mollie's bowl on the counter because they were in the back bathroom on the counter eating from her bowl.

just thought I'd clear that up. =)