Monday, February 23, 2009

The Fraud Squad

Remember the good old days when the word 'skimmed' referred to gross blue tinged milk that no one would ever drink except if they were on a diet?

Good times.

Better than what 'skimmed' means in the 21st century.

The Bank called this morning. At 9:04 am. It was the daily usual customer courtesy call for the Husband. You'll be happy to note that they heard my cries to stop calling at 10:03 every morning because the Husband isn't home at that time, so they've most graciously changed the time of call to 9:04 every morning. For the past five workdays....I kid you not. And between you and me, the Husband was actually home on one of those mornings when they called, but I lied and said he wasn't. This is an experiment I am going to see to the finish line.

After I hung up from the courtesy call, the phone rang again. It was the bank again. But not a courtesy call. This one was from their security department.

I got to spend a fair chunk of my morning down at the Bank because my bank card had been 'skimmed' at some time, somewhere, somehow in the previous several months. Someone tried to withdraw some hard earned, HONESTLY OBTAINED money from our account in the middle of last night.

The crazy thing is they did the same thing to a relative of mine as well. We don't use the same banks, don't live close to each other, and it was for the same amount of money.

The creeps. The low lifes. The cretins. The scum.

The Bank was fantastic in dealing with this. I give them props. In fact, it truly sheds new light on the pathetic customer service call scheduling issues. They obviously have all their competent people working in the Fraud Squad and have relegated the staff who originally trained on Commodore 64s to the customer service department. Which really, is a-okay by me. I shall happily answer my phone at 9:04 am for the next month.

The good thing is we're not out any money. But now I have to remember a new password. Oh, the inhumanity of it all.

Karma, you bad money stealing thieves. Karma.


Anonymous said...

Still don't have our $401.50 back.

Stupid criminals.

colleen4 said...

That's crazy. Any ideas as to when you might see it?