Monday, July 28, 2008

Troy the Catfish

Troy the Catfish is technically a Betta fish.

Troy was dead last night. I swear. I went into the kitchen and there he was, bottom's up. Floating upside down. Not moving. The classic dead fish pose.

Which meant I left the room and dry heaved in the living room. I can change dirty diapers, hold out my hands instinctively to catch a child's puke, and pick snot out of a baby's nose, but dead fish are not something I do. Cannot do.

So I went to bed. Yes, I left that dead fish floating in the bowl, sitting on my kitchen counter for Eilidh to wake up and discover. I'm a horrible mother, but as I said, I don't do dead fish.

Troy the Catfish was swimming around his little bowl this morning. Which means he's either on his second life as a catfish or he was just playing a practical joke on me. Perhaps Heath put him up to it.

Happy as I was to see him alive, I decided to clean his bowl for him. As I was scooping Troy up to put him in his nice clean bowl, he jumped OUT of the scoop and into the sink. I like trying to pick up flopping fish off the bottom of a stainless steel sink equally as much as floating dead fish. It wasn't a pretty moment. He can flop pretty high up, though, and he got enough momentum going that he flopped into the scoop I was holding beside him as I screamed, "HELPPP!!! HELPPP!!!! HEATH!!! HELPPP!!! AAAAHHHHHH!!!!". Repeatedly.

So, I think that means he's on his third life already. We've had him for 6 days now, so if my math is correct and he goes through 3 lives a week around here, I'm giving him until mid August.

I'm going camping next week with 4 children and my in laws.

Troy may outlive me.

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