Friday, July 4, 2008


The house a mess
Yet here I sit
Amongst the crap
An endless pit

Visitor soon
To darken my door
Carpets to find
Must sweep the floor

And make the bed
And weed the yard
And clean the sink
It's just too hard

Two year old
Up til 2
A.m. that is
I have no clue

What to start
Where to end
Or how to get there
But I intend

To make some scones
And then they'll see
Not a mess
They'll clap with glee

Scones are good
Mess is bad
I don't care
I'm rather glad

I've come to this
Conclusion now
And saved myself
From cleaning. Wow.

That felt good
I feel reborn
This blogging thing
Sure has rewards

I know that last one
doesn't rhyme
And so I'll end.....

....until next time.

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