Saturday, July 12, 2008


I've gone for years without really thinking about taking care of my physical body. Other than gimping up my hip giving birth to my youngest, I really haven't had much reason to use our health care system. The past two weeks seem to have the powers that be bombarding me with reminders that this isn't necessarily the best long term plan.

In the past two weeks, the following has been diagnosed in our immediate and extended family:
  • Breast cancer
  • Retina tear
  • Adult onset diabetes

This week, a close friend's mother in law passed away from cancer.

This week, an extended family member fell and had to be taken to the hospital.

One starts to ponder life just a little bit when things keep poking a person in the eye like that. And I've come to a conclusion. Get ready for it. It's a doozy.

This aging thing sucks.

Oh, and I need to start eating way more fruit and vegetables in my diet.

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