Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hopping on the Bandwagon

I'm a bit of a late bloomer.

I'm always at the tail end of a fashion statement. The latest trends are new to me when I find them on a discount rack at Winners. I drive a 12 year old purple minivan (perhaps I've mentioned that in the past....vague memory....) while others are zipping around in Hybrids and SmartCars.

And this whole computer stuff. I'm a hopeless cause. I have no idea what Twitter is or what I'm suppose to Digg. I keep having to Google what Html stands for, never mind trying to make heads or tails of reading/writing those hieroglyphics.

Blogging is forcing me into places I have no desire to be. I keep ending up in places that are making me feel uncomfortable and scared that I will have to confess to Heath that, yes, it was I who caused the laptop to implode, or better yet, that I typed a k instead of a j and now someone in Kenya has access to all our bank accounts. Sorry dear. You can fix it, right? Stupid Html.

Anywhooo, so when I keep hearing about the 'latest' website or Internet thingy, I avoid it like I avoid cleaning my shower and discussing feminine hygiene products with my 6 year old. But I'm alone today. The only adult in the house with a 6 and 2 year old, and it's raining. Desperate times call for desperate measures. And so I've succumbed to checking out a website that 'everyone' is talking about (everyone cool and hip with the latest 'it' product and that has children under the age of 7....dang it, even my mother sent me the link.)

Where else can you watch 18 videos of cute little fluffy baby kittens and doggies and little children singing "We Will Rock You."? Yes, there's the good old 'regular' youtube where you can watch 18 videos of cute little kitties....the problem being that the 19th video your 6 year old may click on may be dealing with pussies of a different nature.

Well, Eilidh is calling me to come see the cute dog playing with a room full of balloons. I bet it's even more cuter than the kitten climbing out of that hiking boot. Kill me now.

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