Thursday, May 15, 2008


It's been a rough couple of days.

I'm a person who can suffer through PMS (sorry guys) without sending too much grief out to any other member of the human race. (Note: males are not allowed to leave me comments stating otherwise. Trust me on this one.)

I can cope with a migraine. Done the whole martyr thing for years, and continue on with the day and all that needs to be done.

I can adjust my day (or several) with the husband home sick.

I can ignore a screaming 2 year old who is in bottle detox.

What I have just discovered, however, is that if you mix all of the above together, it is a recipe for the Apocalypse.

And so this morning, after I sent assorted children to school and a feeling better husband off to work, I sat down to a new page in my journal to get my head in order. I tried to write, but to no avail. So I succumbed to starting a new to do list instead.

I love lists. On a bad day, I will write myself a to do list and put down stuff I've already done just so I can check something off. I like to leave my to do list with all those check marks on it out in the open, sitting there on the kitchen counter so other people in the house see what I 'do' all day long. A good to do list is a wonderful thing.

To Do - May 15th, 2008
  • kitchen

  • laundry

  • Keeley's clothes away

  • Girls room

  • Be happy

  • Eilidh - play date over

  • Eildih - dance in Abbotsford

  • Be happy

  • Kaitlyn - school function

  • Dog - don't kill it today

  • Be happy

  • Plan a wonderful, healthy warm and fuzzy dinner for my wonderful family that they can eat without you because you'll be running after Keeley while you wait for Eilidh to finish dancing way out in Abbotsford, and come to think of it, Kaitlyn won't be home for dinner either, so it's just Heath and Patrick home for dinner. I smell a box of mac and cheese in their future.

  • Brave the kids bathroom. You're only allowed three swear words.

  • Think about vacuuming. You don't have to do that, but thinking about it is a start.

  • No bottle for Keeley. There's a bottle of something in the fridge for you if you get through the day. 8pm 8pm 8pm.

  • Be happy.

I find to do lists strangely therapeutic.

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