Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Emma is my niece. I think everyone should get a shout out once in a while.

Top Ten Reasons Why Emma Rocks

10. She has a smile that lights up a room.

9. She will one day design a gown for me to wear to my high school reunion, and it will make me look 10 years younger than everyone else.

8. She loves movies.

7. She gives THE best hugs...and I don't even have to ask!

6. She ALWAYS asks me how I'm doing.

5. She has Grandma Watt's fingernails, long and graceful.

4. She puts up with two younger brothers.

3. She has the singing voice of a Canadian Idol.

2. She is the queen of one liners.

...and the #1 reason why Emma rocks is....

She made me an Auntie!!

I'd love for others to add to the list!!


Kaitlyn said...

Emma rocks because because her beautiful artwork will one day be in an art gallery.
And she made me a cousin.

Anonymous said...

Emma says "Thanks!"

(She's grinning from ear to ear)

Sarah said...

Emma rocks because she makes the perfect hostess. One day she'll be hosting parties for the stars that are too cool for me to be invited. But that's another reason why Emma rocks...she would invite me anyways just because she is the most loving girl you will ever meet.

Heather said...

Emma's mind and heart are connected directly to her mouth - she speaks what she's thinking and feeling - she could never tell a lie.
Emma remembers everything she ever saw in a movie - I think she'll write reviews some day - maybe Emma's Guide to Movies will become a best seller

Emma has shiny ,straight, thick hair - wonderful!

Bill said...

She reminds me of Alice, the girl in my favorite daily comic strip. (Seriously, make sure you keep clicking previous, it's great.)

Anonymous said...

Isn't that funny. Emma always reminded me of Ruthie from One Big Happy in her unique way of looking at things.

Liz said...

I have always pictured Emma growing up and becoming a famous movie director or animator of some sort. She would show up at the Oscars walking down the red carpet in a beautiful bright gown and still sporting the cute short hair.

She also always makes great stories, whether she's telling them or has written them down.

"...and the award for best animation goes to "Emma Katrine!"