Saturday, May 10, 2008

In Honour of Mother's Day

There's been a particularly irritating commercial playing on the radio this week. It's about a woman who is giving herself the perfect mother's day gift. "Dear Me, Happy Mother's Day! Love, ME! OH look! A pair of Joe flats!"

Personally, if I was going to give myself a gift, it wouldn't be a pair of $8 crap shoes from Superstore. I'm no fashioneista, but grocery store runners don't scream, "Perfect Mother's Day Gift!" to me.

Then I perused an article in the paper about the perfect Mother's Day gift. And they said it was perfume. Really? I was expecting a more earth shattering answer, to tell you the truth.

So it got me to thinking. What WOULD I give myself for Mother's Day? I couldn't come up with anything. I love receiving home made cards with so much glitter that they leave a trail in their wake, with crooked writing that says the reason the child loves me so very much is because I make them macaroni and cheese. I really enjoy the annual, "Mom gets to sleep in". But...the perfect gift? I'm sure that if you polled 100 mothers and asked them the same question, the answers would be pretty varied.

Then that shovel from my previous post showed up. PINNNGGG.

I had the answer.

I'd give myself a top ten list. Top ten reasons for liking myself and for being a great mom. A top ten list that I could pull out on a rough day of mothering and garner strength. The list would be laminated of course (for easy cleaning) and I could carry it around in my purse for emergencies.

In a perfect world, my children would write this said list, but as I don't garner strength from the fact that I can cook a mean pot of mac and cheese, I shall take this moment as my own and come up with my own list. Pardon me while I pat myself on the back.

Colleen's Top Ten List

1. Being the mother of 4 has increased my chances exponentially of having one that will visit me in the old age home.

2. I am a GREAT multi tasker. I can do laundry, plan a shopping list in my head and yell at a kid to take out the dog all at the same time.

3. I can cure a 2 year old's boo boo with a kiss. That's power.

4. Having small boobs means that they will only continue to fall down to my elbows and not my knees.

5. All the laugh lines on my face are memories of great moments in life.

6. All the worry lines are evidence that I love my kids.

7. I can create a dinner for six in 30 minutes with 4 ingredients. And have them all eat it.

8. I can say, "I love you" with my eyes.

9. I know where all my kids are at 11pm, every single night (this one's pending change).

10. I'm still married to my high school sweetheart after 19 years, 11 moves and 4 children.

I'd love to read other moms lists. Or a list FOR your mom.

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