Sunday, August 31, 2008

Summer Accomplishments

The end of summer. Bittersweet. Everyone is ready for change but sad to see the lazy days end.

I always have grandiose thoughts of accomplishing vast amounts of stuff at the the beginning of summer. Then Labour Day comes in the blink of an eye and it feels like all I managed to do was not have Social Services stop by for an unscheduled visit.

So, while I'm being forced to listen to ABBA and watch various Webkins dance (please don't's really not how I envisioned spending my Sunday mornings when I was in my youth, not to mention the oddity that Kaitlyn has ABBA on her iTunes playlist, and I didn't get to finish my coffee as Keeley decided to wash her hair scrunchies in it when I went to the bathroom....I'm a tad irritable.)

Where was I?

Oh, ya. Accomplishments. Yes. What did I accomplish this summer?

Perhaps another list.

Top Ten Things I Accomplished This Summer of 2000 and 8.

10. I bought a new journal. I've written in it twice. One of the entries doesn't have swear words in it.

9. We went camping. Albeit in an ARRRVEEEE, and we made s'mores in the microwave, but it still counts.

8. I cleaned up the wasteland on the side of our house and made it look all pretty and presentable. The neighbours really didn't have to stand outside and clap, but it was a nice touch.

7. I read the entire Twilight series. I know. I know. Don't yell at me. But Edward is just so dreamy and if you were going to fall in love with a Vampire, you'd want him to be just like Edward. Not like one that would kill you or something. That would have made for a quick book. Did I mention that the kids were up at 6 am and I haven't had much coffee?

6. I read the entire Anne of Green Gables series. Yes, I've read them several times, but just love them and wanted to experience the thrill of Anne realizing that she DOES love Gilbert after all. Dreamy sigh.

5. I visited almost every park in Maple Ridge.

4. I recovered the diningroom chairs. Hmmm. Maybe I did that in June. Crap. I posted about that too, so I'll get caught in a lie if that's the case. Hang on.

No....all good. That was in July.

3. I got to witness my husband compete in the Provincial Lifeguard Championships after being in retirement for 10 years. In the humble words of Arthur Hoggett, "That'll do, Heath. That'll do."

2. I didn't kill either dog.

and my #1 accomplishment for the Summer of 2008......

1. I drank 86 beer.

Not all at once.

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Anonymous said...

Loved it!

You inspired me to to write my own list.

Happy end of summer vacation!