Saturday, August 9, 2008



I'm back.

At home.

Steeped in reality.

This week I broke a record. I survived the longest running migraine of my life while camping with four children and my in-laws. A five day migraine for all you who are interested. Insert feeling sorry for me here. > * <

Despite thinking I was most obviously dying from a brain tumor, we all had a good time. Making s'mores with the aid of an RV microwave left a bit to be desired, though. We came back with lots of cheap American beer so I'm all set now that my migraine is gone.

Nothing broke down in our vehicle. We did not get stranded on the side of the road and I did not spend our vacation in a repair garage. There were no wasp attacks or ant infestations.

I have lots of witty and adorable stories to tell. But they will have to wait. I'm not feeling very witty or adorable today.

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