Friday, August 15, 2008

What the.....

I like telling this little incident that happened tonight because I come off looking great. Heath, not so much.

After picking up Kaitlyn from work tonight, we all headed over to our local strip mall kinda deal. I was driving the purple minivan. I dropped Heath and Patrick off at one end of the vast parking lot where Patrick wanted to buy a video game. I said we'd meet them over at Stupidstore, as there was something that Kaitlyn wanted to pick up over there.

I parked the van, put Keeley in her stroller and perused all the discounted outdoor stuff while Kaitlyn ran into the store. She came out 30 seconds later saying they didn't have what she needed. Kaitlyn and I started walking down to Winners and I called Heath on his cell, asking him to meet us at Winners, not at Stupidstore.

So there Kaitlyn and I were, standing inside Winners with a clear view of Heath and Patrick walking across the vast parking lot. I got distracted with Keeley destroying a toy display, and when I looked up, I saw Heath and Patrick standing by a purple minivan fiddling with the side window that was open a crack. I thought, "What the....".

It was a purple minivan. It wasn't our purple minivan.

Heath had slid Patrick's new video game into a stranger's minivan. (I'm cracking up just typing that. You can't make this stuff up. Hehe.)

There are some things I've never pictured myself doing.

Asking a Winner's clerk to page the owner of a purple minivan is one of them. Having to explain the situation to TWO different owners of purple minivans is another. There were at least 10 people laughing their heads off in that store as I walked out with a very nice lady to her purple minivan.

Patrick got his game back. I got a blog story. And Heath....well, he learned a valuable lesson.

There are way to0 many generic purple minivans in Maple Ridge.

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Anonymous said...

That is hilarious!!! Heath will never live it down.