Saturday, August 30, 2008

Too Close to Home

My little town makes National News. And it's not good.

A 51 year old man drove his pick up truck through a local sushi restaurant on Thursday night. Two people are dead, 6 injured, including a 9 year old boy. Witnesses say the truck did not try to stop. So we all comfort ourselves with the thought that it must have been a medical emergency....51 years old...heart attack? Stroke?

We have to think that it was a horrible accident. How else do you process this type of horrific news?

But then the police tell us today that the man has been charged with 2 counts of second degree murder and 6 counts of attempted murder. He didn't know any of his victims.

And my mind cannot process this information.

There is something overpowering about bad news happening in your back door. There is something indescribable about evil happening in your community. You cannot stop asking yourself, "How many times have I been in that parking lot? How many times have I walked right past that store?

I'm very sad for our little community today. Sad for a family who has lost a wife and mother, sad for a family who lost their daughter just embarking on her adult life.

And sad for the people who witnessed this event, sad for the owners of the restaurant, sad for the firefighters, paramedics and police officers who had to deal with all of it.

Some things will never make sense, I suppose.

I'm going to go hug my kids now.

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