Tuesday, August 5, 2008

And the Mahoney Family Camping Trip Begins....

Or does it?

Heath's uncle is very ill. We might not go or we might go but not with his parents or we might not go where we originally planned or....

And since we were planning on going 'over the border' down to Birch Bay, the Loonie fell 4 cents overnight. Some guy on the news was blabbering about falling oil prices or something but I know. I know it's our fault. Sorry all you investors. I know the real reason. It's because the Mahoneys are heading (somewhere) on the road and starting their family vacation.

Let the fun begin!


Update!! Heath's uncle is stabilizing. Thank you God. It's on. We're going. Vacationing in Birch Bay with four kids and the in-laws. In their RV.

Now if I could just stop Eilidh from saying "That thar is an RRRRVVVVEEEEE". Any of you National Lampoon Christmas Vacation fans out there know what I'm talking about. For the record, the in-laws RV is in no way remotely related to the RV in that movie, but someone who shall not be named made the mistake of quoting that line once or twice. Oops.

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