Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Paddy's Day

Top 'o the mornin' to ya.

Irish people everywhere are pouring Guinness into their morning cereal. Stew is being placed on the fire. Soda bread is being mixed as we speak.

And green is the colour of the day.

The Princess woke me up this morning in a state of panic because she couldn't find tights to go with her green, er, ensemble.

There are a lot of shades of green. Many of them should not be worn together.

As I sit here trying to avoid the fact that I need to go upstairs and colour my hair so there are no grey roots in my driver's license photo that I have to go renew today, I am pondering the oddness of this day for me.

My name is Colleen.
I was born on St. Patrick's Day.
I married a man with the last name Mahoney.
Yes, his family is Irish.
My favourite colour is green.

I have never been in a pub on March 17th.
I have never had a sip of green beer.
I have only a drop of Irish blood in me.
I've only liked beer for the last 2 and a half years.

All my children have Irish names.
Even the Dog.

On this day of shamrocks, everyone's a little bit Irish.

How about you? Can you find a drop of Irish in you?


Paul Stilwell said...

Happy birthday.

Bridget said...

How LUCKY are you!!! Happy birthday....happy St. Patrick's Day! Now go have a Guinness! :)

colleen4 said...

@ Paul - thanks!!

@ Bridget - Ah...Guinness. The Husband's favourite! I wonder what kind of cookie goes well with Guinness.....

Sarah said...

Any cookie should do fine. But do NOT choose Ginger cookies. Trust me on this.

And by-the-by:

Happy Birthday sis!