Monday, March 9, 2009

'News' worthy?

I woke up to the radio spewing news about a 911 call made by Octo-Mom. No, I'm not linking to any story about her.

I haven't been following the Octo-Mom story, other than what I've heard on the radio during news reports, or the headlines in the news. I've made a conscious effort not to read and listen to all the media hype surrounding this woman. I even hesitate to write about her on my little blog space.

But I have been driven to point out what I saw this morning.

I was reading news online and there was a news heading about the mom's 911 call. I had heard the earlier snippet on the radio and curiosity got the better of me. I didn't know if she had brought any of her babies home, etc., and I wondered if something had happened. After reading the first paragraph, I quickly found out it was more hype from the media digging up more dirt on her to prove how unstable she is.

I stopped reading. And looked up to the top of the page.

It was a story on the ABC News website.

And it was filed under the 'Entertainment' section.

An unstable woman and her many children's lives are a nation's entertainment.

Last week on the radio, I heard an update from Entertainment Tonight saying that they were going to have a report about Octo-Mom.

Another Canadian soldier died yesterday. But the radio news is reporting a 911 call that Octo-Mom made several months ago.

And that, my friends, makes me shake my head. And I'm embarrassed that I started reading a 'news' story about her.

Does the woman need help? Yes.

Do her children need support? Absolutely.

Does that doctor need his licence taken away? You bet.

Are their lives entertainment? No.

Am I conflicted about blogging about this? Yes. But I hope that more people will look at this news for what it is.

Not as our entertainment.

We have Paris Hilton for that.

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