Tuesday, March 24, 2009


For the first time in about 5 years I turned on the TV to take in our local noon news hour. I felt compelled to hear the weatherman tell me that the sun will come out. Tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar that Tomorrow. They'll be sun.

The news anchor blabbed on about stuff I don't care to repeat because it's sad and depressing and I just want to get you to the good part.

So then they had a live news report from a very very very experienced news reporter who has been reporting about our Provincial government stuff ever since I can remember. Key point here, he's not a newbie.

Mr. Experience was doing his report about our upcoming Provincial election. He was questioning whether our current ruling political party could still win the next election. He began to review some 'key' ridings that could possibly be lost by our current MLA's.

Then he said, "And, as you know, Mr. So and So, MLA of such and such, passed away several weeks ago, so HE won't be running again."

Really? Thanks for clearing that up.

It brought back fond memories of my not the brightest bulb at work moment. My word stumbling might have been captured on video, but at least it wasn't on live TV.

What do you want to bet Mr. Experience will be reliving his 'not the brightest bulb at work' moment at this year's annual Christmas party?


Anonymous said...

I watched the news last night and the ANCHOR when talking about how much money the police department is spending on the recent bout of gang violence (you may have heard about this) said "The police are literally burning through money at an alarming pace."

Literally burning through money?

The police are burning money?

Do they have to investigate themselves for monetary arson?

I know she was probably reading off of a teleprompter, but then double or triple shame to the writer, the editor, and the anchor for not catching that blunder.

My other favourite is the traffic reporter that says (and I've heard this more than once) "We're cleaning up the last of that pedestrian hit on Main Street."

colleen4 said...

Ahh!! Too funny!