Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Some Randon Pictures (and some words too)

In a vain attempt to snazzy up this little blog, I shall now delve into some wonderful Kodak moments of my daily life.

These Kodak moments were taken with a Canon. Which may explain any lameness that follows. You've been warned.


is Bryn's new pillow. That is Bear sleeping on Bryn's new pillow.


is where Bryn hangs out now that Bear has Bryn's new pillow to sleep on.


is what took 1 and a half hours to peel and cut up to make apple butter. My parents have many apple trees in their back yard.

I listened to Maroon 5 's latest CD (twice) while peeling all those apples. I think Maroon 5 needs to find a less crappy girlfriend. A man shouldn't have to love a pillow.


may look like just a heavy book lying on the floor in the livingroom. But if you look closely, you can see the squashed and very dead spider underneath. The book has been lying there since 8:25 am. I do spiders like I do dead fish. I don't. When the hubby gets home, he can check that out for me.

It was a day full of wild and crazy fun in our house today. Keeley ended up needing a bit of a rest.

And these

are apple strudel muffins.

Mom. I need more apples.

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niggle said...

Grab and grab as I might, til I tire,
why does this computer screen, forsooth,
block access to muffins of my desire?