Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Snack

The Boy has been hungry lately.

Upon waking, he needs to eat. At school, he needs to eat. After school, he needs to eat. After eating, he needs to eat. After dinner, he needs to eat. Before bed, he needs to eat.

I spend my days patrolling the kitchen and walking down the aisles of the grocery store.

Being the wonderful mother I am, I have enforced the 'make it yourself' rule. Hey. I have things to do and laundry to wash. Cook a poached egg for The Boy and he'll just ask you to cook it for him again. TEACH The Boy how to cook a poached egg and you'll never have any eggs left in the fridge.

Case in point:

That, my friends, is classified as an after school snack.


Just Mama said...

LOL.. Was this all for him. Well he did make it himself.

MahoneyMusings said...

Yup. He ate it all, then had dinner an hour and a half later.

Gina said...

I think he might be related to L. Except L is only 2. I have my work (and grocery bills) cut out for me, huh? Sigh.

Sadly, I don't have a clue how to cook eggs. Maybe The Boy could come teach me!

~liz said...

i love reading your posts. it makes me look forward to (or makes me terrified of) the day my three boys eat us out of house and home. i guess that's why we're getting our own cow eventually. :)
"you're thirsty, eh? go milk the cow!"

MahoneyMusings said...

@ ~liz. I have a feeling that dealing with the amount a boy eats in his teens is the equivelent of dealing with the roller coaster of hormones of a teenaged girl.

Either way, we'll end up broke, due to the purchase of a cow to feed your boys or due to the purchase of liquor, to survive the hormone rollercoaster of raising 3 girls.

Anonymous said...

Oh my this boy is growing. They go through growth spurts like that! Wow, the shopping would never end but I love the fact he is making it for himself. Well done Mom!