Monday, June 8, 2009

Baby's Birthday Bangs

3 years ago today, I birthed a monkey.

A chubby little thing with massive cheeks, adorable fingers and toes, and a solid foundation of hair on her head.

Her birth was a glimpse into the future.....a future full of getting herself into trouble. In utero, she managed to wrap the umbilical cord so tightly around her neck, the nurse couldn't even get her finger between the cord and the neck.

And she's been getting herself into trouble ever since.

Yesterday morning's fiasco with giving herself a mullet ended poorly. I can't believe I paid $15 for a 'hairdresser' to do this:

"Even it out" is a difficult concept, I guess.

It's not the greatest picture. I apologize. But after taking 17 shots, 14 of them blurry because The Baby had things to do and places to be and standing in front of a wall STAYING STILL wasn't one of those things, I decided to call it a day.

You may notice the shadow on the left side of her chin. That would be a massive black and green bruise from wiping out in the backyard last week.

Yup. The 3 year birthday girl pictures are going to be beautiful.

Maybe a big bow and pictures taken in some candlelight.........


Gina said...

She is adorable!! Love the bangs! I'd say go for one of those headbands with a big bow or flower. :)

Just Mama said...

Happy Birthday to your Baby. She has the face that can get away with anything. Put a helmet on her and call it hockey hair.

Ellie said...

Happy Birthday cutie! Don't give your mommy any more heart attacks! She can't take them anymore!

She's still cute as a button Colleen! Make sure you remind her about this when she's older. Brenna cut her hair too when she was younger, and so did Olivia. Olivia actually just did it this year and she's 6...hide those scissors!

MahoneyMusings said...

Thanks everyone. I actually went back to the hairdresser and got them to fix it. oldest cut her hair too. She cut off all of her bangs so she had about a half inch of hair sticking up THREE DAYS before being a flower girl in someone's wedding. She also cut off every single ringlet (except one) of a neighbour friend.

Tiffany said...

Aww Happy Birthday!! Maybe try one of those cute summer hats? LOL

elise666 said...

She is priceless, and has a face that says, mom, i don't care what I look like, just take the picture and turn the page!
Too cute, don't have any funny hair stories, except that my son has the same 2 "rosettes (dont know the word in english)" as his father so as soon as his hair gets too long it spikes right up on the top part of his head, i find it gives him his father! if his hair gets too long, well, it is bed head every morning!