Monday, May 18, 2009

Ouch Then Huh?

Writer's block can be a terrible thing.

I stepped away from some non blog related writing a few weeks ago. I had walked away from it once before but had gotten back into the swing of it. And then it really hit me. The writer's block, that is.

This last bout of blockage was a stone wall that took me out, made a snide remark about my dirty house and then crashed on top of me to finish me off.

I crawled out from the crumbled mortar this afternoon. I opened that long ignored word document and started to read. Familiar words jumped out across the page. But as I continued to read, things got really strange.

Who the heck had logged into my computer and written all this stuff? I had no recollection of writing it. A lot of it.

I must have been in some zone. Some warped writing zone where aliens take over your brain and plant ideas and stories and new paths with the same zest that The Boy has for eating poached eggs as a snack between his after school snack and dinner.

So I'm back at it. With some piss and vinegar or something of that nature. Off to find my mojo, some zen, get the funk on, power on, take a run at it.

Not here on my little blog, apparently. The aliens don't seem to visit when I'm writing here.


Anonymous said...

That's an amazing moment isn't it? When you look at something and go "Hey, that's pretty good!" or "That doesn't suck."

Can't wait to read draft one...hint, hint.

Heather Stilwell said...

Hurray - we've missed you!

Paul Stilwell said...

Always print off your writing on paper by the way. Having it only on hard drive is leaving too much to chance.

Aliens be damned to hell.

Heather Stilwell said...

The Princess has learned at the knee of the master!