Sunday, May 31, 2009


There are only 6 sleeps until The Eldest's graduation.

I am NOT freaking out.


I think we have everything under control. Dress, shoes, nails, hair, makeup, accessories, limo, camera, evening bag, tickets, photographer, time line, boutonniere ordered, volunteered The Husband to deal poker until 5:30 am at the dry grad....yup. I think we're good.

All that's left (I think....I hope) is the house.


I've got 5 days. Lots of time. Well, except The Princess has a pro-d day tomorrow, so tomorrow's a bit of a write-off. Tuesday is totally free, but the problem with Tuesday is there's so much time until Saturday I will talk myself into not getting stuff done then. Wednesday's waiting day at the soon to be retired Albion ferry so there won't be much homemaking going on then.

So, I think I can safely conclude that Thursday is my freak out day. And hey, that's 4 sleeps away. I hardly have to think about it at the moment.

Off to get a beer and play some online solitaire.


Heather Stilwell said...

the graduation doesn't require the ENTIRE house to be cleaned, surely.

Fair is fair!

MahoneyMusings said...

Just the main floor. And the stairs I suppose. And the front entrance. Probably should do some weeding. Enough to freak out by Thursday.