Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Stupidity is Stupid


What kind of 'forward thinking' college creates a policy that makes the purchase of a transit pass mandatory for every student with the purpose of fighting climate change.....but if you're only taking one on line course through the college and therefore exempt, makes you print out an application for exemption and mail it in an envelope instead of being able to do the whole thing PAPERLESSLY online?

Just wondering.


Anonymous said...

The kind of forward thinking college that is really about getting as much money for peripherals as they can. Thus, they make it as hard as possible to not go with the flow, thinking that you'll just pay b/c it's too difficult not to.

It's the same reason that it costs more for direct billing extended health benefits. If they force you to gather your receipts, print out a claim form and mail it to them they know they will pay less in claims b/c things will get lost and forgotten and procrastinated on.

It just points out that the green they're actually about comes with pictures of the queen on it.

colleen4 said...

I know. The Husband said the same thing. It's still stupid.