Friday, December 18, 2009

Two Pennies

It took two pennies to get me back to blogging.

We went The Princess' theatre class Christmas performance this evening. Yes, it was wonderful. Yes, she was adorable. Yes, I cried when they sang Silent Night.

But I'm not here to blog about that.

On our way home, The Princess said in her small little princess voice that she was so terribly hungry and exactly how long would it be before we got home so she could have just a small bowl of cereal. The kid is brilliant. Perfectly timed to coincide with the appearance of the Golden Arches.

So The Husband turned the corner and entered the drive thru. He ordered his Princess some chicken nuggets and proceeded to the window to pay.

"$3.98 please," said the girl behind the window.

The Husband handed the employee four bucks.

"Do you want your change?" she asked.

The Husband said no, she could keep the two pennies and drove to the next window to pick up the nuggets. Then he rolled his eyes at me going on about the two dang pennies.

Excuse me....but since when is it okay for a clerk to ask if I want my change back?? Where does this stop? Is it okay to ask if I want 3 pennies back? What about a nickel?

Will they move onto a dime? Will we be doing away with the dispensing of change in the near future? What if I wanted those two pennies? I'd be tempted to tell the chick, "Why, yes, I DO want my change. All of it. Give me my two pennies!" Just so I could see her face. And make a point.

I mean, really.

Then my dear Husband just looked and me and said, "What? Are you Seinfeld now?"

That's it. Poke the crazy lady who's told you she just may possibly be nursing a bit of PMS and is carrying around a to do list that is three pages long one short week away from Christmas and was just coughed on repeatedly by a lady sitting behind her at the concert who was apparently missing both hands and elbows and had to resort to coughing on his loving wife's head for an hour.

Two pennies.

I could have used those two pennies to shove up someone's nose, that's what.


Gina said...

I am so with you. Who DOES that??

Theresa said...

May I add to the crazy? The Dutch got RID of pennies many years ago (1980, I think), before they switched over to the Euro. I kid you not. "We just round the total" was the simple and accepting reply of my relatives.

It made me crazy, too.

~liz said...

awww. i'm glad you're back. :)

bridget {bake at 350} said...

I'm so glad you're back, too. Now, really, I think I would have alerted McDonalds! I know, I know...two pennies, but that must be against some sort of policy!!! Now I'M mad. Deep breath, deep breath...

And, kids have a radar for fast food, I swear. Mine even knows when I am hungry and asks for a snack at my weakest moments. "Why, yes, honey...we CAN get a snack at Starbucks. Mommy needs a pumpkin scone." ;)