Thursday, October 22, 2009

Diary of a Germ Battling Mother

The Princess complained of a headache when I put her bed. Hope she's not coming down with something.

Started the day at 2 am with The Princess coughing on my face. And crying. The heat radiating off of her body reminded me of my days driving around in the old Eggplant.

Coffee was my friend today.

The Princess took her temperature every 8 minutes today. Then started crying that she was going to miss Halloween for sure. Every 8 minutes. I assured her that Halloween was still 2 weeks away. Every 8 stinking minutes.

Note: Rum does not taste good in coffee.

Phoned the doctor at 9 am. Receptionist laughed at me when I ask if there were any available appointments. Headed to the walk in clinic. Waited for an hour and a half in a room with no toys or books due to H1N1 flu scare. The Princess had to wear a face mask and was sure she was dying. The Monkey was sure she could climb the walls. Got up 3 feet. Not bad.

The Monkey felt warm when I put her to bed. I sense some deja vu in my future.

Started the day at 2 am with The Monkey coughing on my face. Thank goodness for Lysol.

Baked Halloween cookies with two sick children. That was fun. As Mom would say, "I'm sure that earned some time off purgatory." Three days at least.

Ate two germ laden cookies. Drank rum to kill the germs.

I spent the morning circling the parking lot of clinic in a vain attempt of a parking space miraculously appearing. Lack of sleep forced me to call The Husband at work to make the decision for me to return home and try again later.

Wanted a Timmy's double double but couldn't decide whether it was worth spending the $1.53. Husband wouldn't answer his phone.

I need sleep.

I comforted The Monkey while she cried inconsolably tonight. "It Hurts. Hurts!" she cried every time she tried to take a breath and started barking like a seal. Started crying myself, wishing I could take away her pain. I wonder how mothers caring for chronically ill children do it day in and day out...see their child in pain and feel so helpless. I could hardly keep it together for 10 minutes with my child in pain. Must remember to say a prayer for all those mothers . God give them strength.

Husband got home late from work. Wanted to scream but then he showed up with beer.

I love him.

Kids seem to be on the mend. Not sure what's worse; sick kids sweating all over me for 18 hours straight or entertaining almost better children who have had no human contact but with me for five days. I took a match to Candyland last night after they went to bed. I have no guilt over this.

Managed to hammer my hand while creating a graveyard in our front yard today. My hand looks like it belongs to the dead witch on our front lawn. But....when The Princess looked at our masterpiece, she told me it was going to be the best Halloween ever. My hand will heal.

The Eldest says she has a headache. I wonder if almost 18 year olds still wake up their mothers at 2 am to tell them they're sick.

Note: Buy lottery ticket tomorrow. Need vacation.


Gina said...

This is hilarious...absolutely hilarious...because you are living my life right now. But I only have one. And I am now secretly hoping that we are actually NOT pregnant this month after all. I'd type more, but I gotta go break out the rum. I can't believe I haven't thought of that yet. Cheers!

elise666 said...

Thank you for good to laugh!! My second child told me this morning that she woke up at 3am and couldn't sleep and I hugged her and thanked her for not waking me up about this and going back to sleep. Our 3rd child (the son) use to wake us up several times a night for stupid things and since we have moved him downstairs and he shares a room with his sister, he sleeps like an angel...i am touching wood!!
Good luck, I hope it is over and hope that the 18 year old is fine!
Note to self: buy RUM! It has less calories than beer, right?

Bullwinkle said...

Kahlua. Or Bailey's Irish Cream in coffee. Just sayin'

May everyone sleep through the night.

Genny said...

How funny that she took her temperature every 8 minutes! So cute. :) At least she's on top of things! lol

Inna said...

Colleen - u are so funny. U tell it how it is, you are great. Hope all the kids are feeling better!

bridget {bake at 350} said...

Oh...YOU deserve a vacation...or more beer. It's a toss up. :)

Ellie said...

Oh Colleen, I feel your pain reading your words! I sure hope they all feel better soon!