Sunday, December 7, 2008

FINALLY!! A Blogging Moment

It's been pretty dry around these parts.

Video card on back order, courtesy calls from banks gone dry, and a really boring family.

Where's the love, people!!??

The Husband finally threw me a line. You know it's good when the incident ends with him squeaking, "You're gonna blog about that, aren't you."


Yes. I am.

So the Husband is teaching the now 85 pound mutt a new trick. It's called, "Up", and involves the Husband patting his chest and saying, "up" to the 85 pound dog.

The dog then leaps up and puts her front paws on the Husband's manly chest and gives him a wet sloppy doggy kiss.

The first two times were great. "UP!" Paws on manly chest. Wet slobbery dog kiss.

Third time's the charm though.

The Husband most unfortunately (for him) called my attention to his great dog training abilities. As I turned to watch, the Husband said "Up" and tapped his chest.

And the 85 pound dog jumped up and hit him squarely in his manly parts with her 85 pounds of forward lunging dog.

The Husband went down.

I went down.

I was laughing so hard I was crying as my poor Husband crawled to the couch and squeaked out the bit about blogging.

Thanks, Hubby. I needed that.

The Husband and dog have yet to perform that trick again.

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Heather Stilwell said...

And everyone who reads the blog does solemnly swear to NEVER mention this blog to The Husband (hehe)